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Last updated 13 Jul 2024
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  1. October 2024

    1. Tue 01


      Council requires a dedicated maintenance period each year to undertake an intensive maintenance regime in addition to regular services.

      User groups are unable to access our fields during this period.

      The work at our fields is scheduled to occur from the 01/10/2024 until the 11/11/2024.

      The work undertaken will vary depending on the requirements of each field as identified by Council's Park Technical Officers.

      The fields will be closed during this time.

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The main role of a manager is to assist the Coach on game days, and ensure that all parents and players are aware of fixtures, game locations, training and other team information. Team managers also distribute player kits at the commencement of the season, and collect the Game Day jerseys at the conclusion of same.

Role and Responsibilities

We're not running English League teams here, but there are things that if we do them well as managers, make the playing and family experience around football just that much better! These things include:
  • Communication - keeping parents and players informed
  • Active participation in the Club and training
  • Ensuring players and parents adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • Provide support in the event of escalation or reporting of issues
  • Coordinate team volunteer responsibilities e.g. canteen
  • team building
  • Organising friendly games with other Clubs or Dingoes Teams
  • Coordinating Team parent activities e.g. goals out, cones picked up, nets up and down etc
  • Reporting and record keeping
  • Time keeping during games
  • Organising team celebrations

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Blue Card

Team managers, like coaches, will require a Blue Card.

Team Manager Resources

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